The Energy Policy Simulator (EPS) is a free and open-source computer model created and adapted for California by Energy Innovation LLC.

Model Download

The California Energy Policy Simulator may be used on this website through your web browser, or the full version may be downloaded to your computer by clicking the button below. Note that you will need to go through the steps explained on the EPS download page in order to install the required software and make use of the full version of the model.

Download the Energy Policy Simulator, California Version


Energy Innovation released a report, California Energy Policy Simulator Insights: Current Emissions Trajectory, Policy Opportunities To Reach 2030 Emissions Reduction Goal, that includes findings from the California EPS. Appendix B includes a description of updates to the California model in the 1.4.3-v2 release.


Documentation of the model is available here. Documentation is not specific to any model version and therefore applies to both U.S. and California versions of the Energy Policy Simulator. Additional information about California-specific input data and sources is available in the input data files included in the model download.

Other Information